80 tasks done in a single day!

80 tasks done in a single day!

At the start of each year, recurrent annual tasks jump straight into my TODO list. All those scheduled to the first day of every month do the same. They are mostly related to some checks, taxes, finances, administration, etc.

Definitely, I don't enjoy them as much as something productive, but they are necessary to keep things going :-).

I resolved many tasks, at least on my side, by delegating them to the right person or by just marking them as finished because there is already some "system" in place. The person who will take care of them is a much better choice than me, and I can focus on important things.

Building such systems is something with I still have a big problem. It's not easy. Delegation is not the same thing as abdication, and it needs time and care. However, it will repay in the future. Definitely, a critical skill to learn if you want to achieve success.

I still need to prepare docs for investors, but it has to wait for the team meeting. I'm not going to make the same mistake again - setting up the KPIs for everything alone. Another lesson I learned last year.