Top 10 Vue.js Resources For Your Project πŸš€

Top 10 Vue.js Resources For Your Project πŸš€

Vue.js is an increasingly popular, open-source, front-end JavaScript framework for creating web user interfaces. It is also one of the key components in the tech stack of Localazy developers, so our front-end team prepared a list of their favorite resources for your next Vue project.

What is Vue.js?

🌐 Kazupon and vue-i18n for internationalization

Kazupon is a well-known developer at Vue.js. He is also the creator of Intlify, known for its contribution to the software internationalization space, which has created an internationalization plugin for Vue.js known as Vue I18n.


πŸ”Œ The plugin integrates with your Vue.js application, and it aids in the process of internationalization through several helpful features that help such as translation, datetime format, number format, translation, pluralization, etc. 🎌

πŸ›’ Vue Storefront for e-commerce projects

Created as an open-source e-commerce frontend framework based on Nuxt.js (more on it below), Vue Storefront integrates with any e-commerce backend APIs and builds on top of your headless content management system (CMS).

Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront offers two ways of dealing with internationalization: you can leverage modules from Nuxt.js, which are set by default, or disable them and complete the internationalization on your own. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

πŸ“‘ Nuxt.js for better SEO rankings

The main reason for internationalizing a website or app is to reach a wider audience. Localization and SEO go hand-in-hand to help you accomplish this.


A JavaScript framework like Nuxt has features like Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Single Page Application (SPA), which assists in achieving better Google rankings. If you want to keep using Vue.js libraries and syntax for your applications and still be ranked well on Google, Nuxt is the go-to solution.πŸš€

πŸ“ Storybook for Vue to build great UIs

Developing your applications with Storybook is fun and simple because you can work on isolated components. The best part about it is that it's built on JavaScript and works with Vue.js and other JavaScript frameworks. It's the ideal tool for building UIs without a sophisticated dev stack. πŸ’»


πŸ‘† Vue Awesome Swiper for better slides

If there's a feature that makes apps instantly more engaging, this is the use of slides. πŸŽ‡ Vue Awesome Swiper functions as a Vue component serving mobile touch slider Swiper to SPAs, and SSRs, for mobile and desktop. Unfortunately, the project was recently deprecated and replaced by the Swiper Vue component, officially provided by Swiper, that shares similar functionalities. πŸ€–


πŸ—‚οΈ Vue Meta for metadata management

Working with metadata has its intricacies. That's why we suggest using Vue-meta while working with your app's metadata. This is a Vue.js plugin that allows nested components to overwrite each other's values and grants you the capability to replace and add metadata as needed. πŸ’Ύ It also makes defining meta tags in the header simpler and is used by Nuxt.

Vue Meta

πŸ“ VeeValidate for validating forms

Validating forms helps authenticate processes faster. Using vee-validate, you can validate the user's data inputs in a minimalistic and straightforward manner (e.g., checking the validity of emails, passwords, etc.). πŸ—ƒ The library works with most of your favorite UI components and native HTML elements. Moreover, the built-in rules are laid out in 45+ locales. 🚩


⏲️ vue-wait to Manage Loading States

When you have to deal with the management of different loading states, vue-wait can help avoid conflicts. πŸ›  The tool is ideal for switching on and off between loading states and displaying loading indicators. The concept upon which it's built is based on the management of an array that contains several loading states. πŸ”


🚩 Localazy for Localization

Localazy is an online localization suite and a translation management system built with developers in mind. There are countless ways to integrate Localazy into your workflow and enjoy completely automated translations.

πŸ†™ Integrating your project with Localazy is pretty straightforward, and you can do it in five short steps:

1. Create an account on Localazy. πŸš€

2. From the list of 50+ integrations, choose Vue.js, install Localazy CLI, and configure vue-i18n.πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

3. Copy and modify this configuration into the localazy.json file in the root.

4. Create a locales folder with a JSON file based on the source language. E.g en.json. πŸ“‚

5. Run localazy upload in the CLI to upload your source file.

After you translate your strings to the desired languages, you can download the translations by running localazy download. πŸ“‚

Read "How to localize Vue.js app with vue-i18n and Localazy" for a more thorough tutorial on the blog.

🀩 awesome-vue for Everything else!

awesome-vue is a curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js maintained by the community. The awesome Vue.js repository contains links to various resources, blog posts, tutorials, examples, and projects using Vue.js. You can also find awesome components & libraries for your next project. Definitely check it out!


You can find awesome-vue on GitHub:

βœ”οΈ Conclusion

What are your favorite resources and libraries for Vue.js? Is there anything you would add? Let us know in the comments!